Hey, what’s up? I´m Pouria Gholami Esfidvajani (PoGhEs for short).

I used to study Civil Engineering. When I started my master course in 2008 I still believed that one day I could win the Nobel prize. However, four years later, my work left me frustrated and depressed. Unhappy with my life, I decided to follow my two passions – music and photography – and become a Music photographer.
It turned out that following my impulse was the best thing to ever happen to me. Since then it´s been an unbelievable journey – working with many local artists such as Gereh Band, UnpackedBrain, Padra and also some international bands like: as Katatonia, At the Gates, Therion, MoonSpell, Ensiferum and Septicflesh.
It´s hard to imagine that, without having any professional training in photography, I went from being an absolute beginner to shooting for the most famous bands in Iran and other countries.

Following my advice here, and being passionate about the things that you love the most, will get you to places you have never dreamed of.

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For questions regarding licensing and prints, please reach me through my email or phone number.
For making an appointment for a photo shoot session please include any relevant information in your call or message including type of event and event date .